Dine at Town Center

Tupelo Honey

Our Food

What constitutes “New South Flavors?” For us, it is begins with reverence for those time-honored Southern dishes. served up by wonderful home cooks for years. We respect the freshness, the flavors and the food itself. But we like to jazz it up a little, add something deliciously unexpected to delight your palate. Our interpretation of traditional Southern fare is creative, inventive and satisfyingly scrumptious. Cheers to New South Flavor!


Our Bar

Our roots in Asheville (Beer City USA) and love of Southern cocktails have inspired our appreciation for the art of imbibing. Our bar specializes in the best craft beers we can find and the most inventive, scratch-made Southern cocktails we can imagine. That includes our three different Bloody Marys, including our Queen Mary– perfect for brunch!