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Town Center Rewards Card

2017 Town Center Rewards Card 

If you live or work in Town Center of Virginia Beach, you are eligible for a Town Center Rewards Card. This exclusive card entitles you to discounts and special deals at various restaurants, stores and venues in Town Center.

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Want to sign up for the current 2017 Town Center Rewards Card? Click here for the sign up form.


Town Center Rewards FAQ:

  • When does the card expire? The card is valid during the year that is dated on the front of the card. Each resident and employee will need to apply for the following year's card their card, with a valid Town Center address at the end of each year.  
  • What's an eligible Town Center residence? If you live in Town Center Proper (i.e., Westin Residences, Cosmopolitan Apartments, Studio 56 or ENCORE 4505), you are eligible! 
  • What's an eligible Town Center business? If you work in Town Center Proper (i.e., Town Center restaurants, retailers, offices)
  • When will I receive my card? Cards are distributed via direct mail to your primary Town Center address. They are mailed every 45 days. 
  • I did not receive a card and it's been over 45 days, now what? Your address either was not a valid Town Center address or you did not complete your mailing adddress in it's entirety. If you have additional questions, contact